Foos Gone Wild Meets N8NOFACE at Observatory: Foos Gone Wild is, by all accounts, more than the average musical project. It’s a social media sensation, which includes a skit series, original animation and yes, original rap tracks. That this show is the first at the reopened Observatory is fascinating.

Equally fascinating is the fact that they’ve paired with synth-punk N8NOFACE.

“Back in my day genres were really, ‘you’re over there, you’re over there, you’re over there’,” he told us back in March. “This new generation, they’re embracing it all. Sonically and even performance wise, you’ll see someone like Tyler, the Creator open for [Sacramento hardcore punk band] Trash Talk. It’s like all these different bands playing on one stage. So I think the sound is everything melted together.”

Funk Freaks also perform.

Foos Gone Wild Meets N8NOFACE at Observatory: The event starts at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 3 at the Observatory

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