Certainly we all love feeling like we're on the cutting edge, but only when it comes to things we actually care about. Delicious new cupcakes? Sure. A discount on Lasik surgery, probably not. One must be very careful what sort of newsletters we sign up for these days, lest our inboxes fill up with junk. So for we food-minded consumers, there will soon be Foodiacs, an email-based service that provides tips on foodstuffs like artisan edibles, cookware and kitchen tools, as well as culinary activities and cooking classes.

Foodiacs is an online community for those who want to be on the loop on what's new and cool in the food world. Each week they'll present an exclusive offer to their subscribers to be one of the first to grab up an interesting new food product. Case in point, their first deal is with Back to the Roots, a kit that helps you create a homegrown mushroom garden. Through Foodiacs, you can buy two and get a third free to donate to a school of your choice.

Foodiacs launches September 6th. To subscribe to Foodiacs, sign up here.

Note: some original wording was changed after a phone interview with Foodiac headquarters.

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