It's a widely accepted notion in the marketing world that using numbers instead of words in titles is an easy way to increase “edginess.” The blockbuster smash and Vin Diesel vehicle 2 Fast 2 Furious is one notable example; and did you know that the working title for TRON: Legacy was TR2N?

So when we walked up to the Tortas 2 Die 4 (@Tortas2Die4) truck, we expected something a bit different, a bit more hard-core, from this mobile eatery. Starting a gourmet torta truck in Los Angeles is a tough prospect, if only because there are countless taco trucks slinging delicious tortas at nearly unbeatable prices citywide.

The basic unit of consumption here is a gourmet torta layered with things like grilled pineapple, slices of melted brie and sun-dried tomato tapenade. There are wraps and salads, too, including a Korean BBQ version that looks pretty good — but let's be honest, you're probably here to get a torta.

We sampled the Barcelona Torta ($8), which included grilled chicken breast, ground chorizo, asiago cheese and a tapenade made from olives, pimento and tomato. It's certifiably zesty and bold, with a good amount of spice radiating from the chorizo. It's a smidge smaller than some tortas you might find, but it is rather dense and manages to pack plenty of flavor into each bite. Each sandwich also comes with a choice of side, the best being a crunchy jicama and green mango salad doused with lime and chile.

Tortas 2 Die 4 might not convert you from your favorite local lonchería, but when it comes to paying for a gourmet sandwich off a truck, these tortas should remain a heavy favorite.

Technically, it's a trailer; Credit: G. Snyder

Technically, it's a trailer; Credit: G. Snyder

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