Given how iconic the “street meat” pita is in the pantheon of portable foods, it's hard to believe that there aren't more food trucks serving Greek cuisine rolling around Los Angeles. To help remedy that problem is the recently launched Meat the Greek (@MeattheGreekLA) truck, which serves home-style Greek food cooked by a husband-and-wife duo who tout recipes “passed down for generations.” Personally we might have gone with the name “Meat and Greek ” truck instead, but hey, that's just our preference for puns.

The first thing you might notice about Meat the Greek's menu is it's lack of gyro, an omission that about every other customer seems to bring up. “How can you have a Greek truck without gyro, man?” It's a fair question, but the truck makes up for it by offering a choice of grilled chicken or pork skewers in their wraps, as well as petite “popcorn fried” Greek meatballs.

A salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, Greek olives, feta and olive oil will cost you $7.50, while a pita wrap combo with french fries and a drink will cost you $13. The chicken wrap was surprising good, very tender and well-seasoned, and drizzled with the right amount of tart tzatziki sauce. They even stuff a few extra fries into the sandwich, which is something no one should be complaining about. The fresh-cut fries aren't bad either — think well-done In-N-Out-style,covered in oregano and seasoning salt — and they even give you a little cup of their special sauce for dipping.

The $8.00 price tag for a pita might seem a bit steep to some, but considering that Papa Cristo's similarly sized sandwiches go for only a dollar less, we'll happily shell out extra for the convenience factor — even if the pitas might not meet the lofty height of Papa's. We caught the Meat the Greek truck outside of Tiki No in North Hollywood as part of the Thursday Food Truck Nights, but you can also follow the truck's movements through their website.

Meat the Greek Truck; Credit: G. Snyder

Meat the Greek Truck; Credit: G. Snyder

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