You may remember him as the star character Juni Cortez in Robert Rodriquez’s Spy Kids, who started his career with appearances on Murphy Brown, Friends, and Will and Grace. But if you talk to former busboy Daryl Sabara, you might guess his proudest accomplishment is his toddler son Riley with wife, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Meghan Trainor, who is expecting their second child.  

The Torrance-born South Bay native took us on a family food tour:


Monty’s is ONE OF THE BEST burgers in town. I am a creature of habit so I always order the same thing: a double cheeseburger burger with tots INSIDE the burger, an extra side of tots (my son Riley looooves his tots), and Rico’s Root Beer Float. Monty’s is super special because it’s one of the few burger spots in LA where you actually have to GO THERE and SIT DOWN and eat. It’s got a super cool 1950’s punk-rock vibe, that makes you feel like you went in a time machine. Even though there’s always a crazy long line that stretches outside, the service is always great and it’s always WORTH IT. Oh yeah, and everything is PLANT-BASED. 


Brother’s Burritos is THE breakfast burrito spot in the South Bay. Growing up in Torrance, I had the pleasure of making Brother’s Burritos my morning hang out everyday on summer vacation. What I order here really depends on how I feel on the day. There are so many ways to mix and match, you’ll never get bored ordering here. A go-to order of mine would be a tri-tip breakfast burrito with bacon, spinach, mushroom and avocado. I like my salsa on the side, and their medium salsa has the perfect kick. I get it all wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla and my morning is made. The magic of Brother’s Burritos is that it’s right on the Hermosa Beach Strand. So you can start your day with the perfect burrito, customize it however your heart desires, and then you’re right there by the ocean listening to the waves. 

Meghan Trainor


King’s Road Cafe has been a part of my life for almost a solid 15 years. I started drinking coffee when I was 15, and King’s Road Cafe has consistently been one of the best cups of coffee not just in Los Angeles, but in the world. It’s that good. Usually I will travel far and wide for a good cup of coffee. So no matter where I am in LA, if I can start my day with just a black coffee from King’s Road…I know it’ll be a good day. They also have a fantastic breakfast menu. After a classic LA hike, I love to treat myself to their breakfast quesadilla with a side of their Breakfast Potatoes. King’s Road Cafe is one of those spots that just feels like home. It never changes and never goes out of style even when trendy spots like Blue Bottle open up just a couple blocks down. It’s what I like to call un-competeable. I spent the majority of my mornings starting my day at King’s Road in my early 20s, so this place will always have a special place in my heart. I can’t wait until my son’s old enough to drink coffee, so we can have a cup together.



Hugo’s is my quintessential LA healthy restaurant. It doesn’t matter what kind of food mood you’re in, Hugo’s has everything under the sun. It’s so hard to pick just one thing that I order here, because the menu for Hugo’s is basically a novel. Luckily I’ve been here so many times that I’ve memorized the menu book completely, and luckily it never changes. If I had to pick one order here, it would be their Almond Energy Pancakes with a side of bacon. Hugo’s is so special because it caters to everyone’s needs. If you have ANY kind of food allergy, they can accommodate. Hugo’s has a very mom-and-pop feel and is super family friendly. I personally think it’s a perfect LA date spot, probably because it was the dinner date I had with my wife, Meghan. So if you need a good healthy date at any time of day, a place to bring your family from out of town, or just a good solo home-cooked meal, Hugo’s is the place for you.


Cascabel is probably one of the most LA restaurants closest to my heart, because I used to work there. Right as it was opening, I was in a pivotal moment in my life, where I really needed some good ol’ fashioned life experience. Being a child actor, into a teen actor, trying to break my way into an adult actor…I never had a real job before. Luckily I had a friend in an acting class who was leaving his job as a busboy there at this then-new establishment, so I interviewed and got the job on the spot. Best audition ever. I eventually worked my way up into the kitchen as a food runner, which taught me just how hard it is to keep an LA establishment afloat. I will always have a special place in my heart for this place and for this delicious food. My favorites here are the bacon guac with their amazing homemade chips. You also can’t go wrong with their fried chicken tacos and short rib taquitos. You’re definitely going to get a side of their rice and beans, then end off strong with their tres leches cake. Cascabel is another little hidden gem in LA. It’s some of the best homemade Mexican food out there, and even though I’m definitely biased, I think you’ll agree.


Sushi Yuzu is my wife’s and my favorite sushi date in LA. We aren’t huge sushi connoisseurs, but Sushi Yuzu makes us feel super adventurous. We LOVE to start out with some of their Edamame with White Truffle Sauce (maybe two if we’re extra hungry). It’s worth it. Then we go for some yellowtail with cilantro and jalapeno, while we wait for some of their Blue Crab Hand roll. We finish it off by sharing each other’s Yuzu Roll and their Lemon Roll. Simply put, Sushi Yuzu is truly one of a kind and should be considered one of the best hidden gems in the city. 

Meghan Trainor

Double cheeseburger (Courtesy Monty’s Good Burger)


Lal Mirch is my favorite Indian food in LA. I started going there regularly on a weekly basis in 2012, so this spot is the epitome of comfort. Like I said before, I’m a creature of habit. My go-to is always mild flavored chicken tikka masala with a side of white rice and some peshwari naan. I feel like every person has their favorite Indian spot in LA, so I don’t want to say that mine is better than yours…but Lal Mirch is the one that’s super special to me, and where great memories were and have to be had.


Pace is my wife’s and my favorite double-date spot in LA. Being fairly new parents, it’s hard to leave our little one at home. So if we do go out, it’s gotta be worth it. Pace is definitely worth it. I always get the grilled Niman ranch, grass-fed, prime ribeye. Meghan always gets the famous cedar wood grilled salmon. We always share some green beans, some asparagus, and some roasted potatoes. Pace is right smack dab in the middle of Laurel Canyon. The food is always top-tier and the ambiance matches. 


Din Tai Fung is just a classic. There are many locations around the world, but it’s one of our family’s favorites. Especially after a Christmas shopping day at the Americana in Glendale. What DON’T we order is a better question. We usually only come to Din Tai Fung with a large party, so some of the things we order are Truffle and Kurobuta Pork Xiao Long Bao, Sautéed String Beans with Garlic, Sautéed Broccoli with Garlic, Vegetable Fried Noodles, Shanghai Rice Cakes with Chicken, and then ending with my personal favorite, a couple orders of Sweet Taro Buns. Din Tai Fung is always a good time. It’s super family friendly and I can’t wait for all of the future memories there with my growing family.

Salmon picatta pasta (Courtesy Hugo’s)























































































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