In our first food quiz, we pulled a few quotes from various food reviews, mixed them with choice bon mots courtesy one of the great wits of our time, Dorothy Parker, and asked whether you could identify who said what. In today's quiz, we swap Parker out for Bill Watterson, the cartoonist who created Calvin and Hobbes. Your goal is to differentiate between a boy and his pet tiger making astute observations on the human condition from folks simply talking about food. Because, as Calvin says, food should be nutrition and entertainment.

  1. “I was promised there would be robots.”
  2. “These days I mostly just want things to not annoy me.”
  3. “Summer is butter on your chin and corn mush between every tooth.”
  4. “This is like eating a bowl of Milk Duds.”
  5. “And what good is originality if you can't crank it out?”
  7. “Then again, maybe six slices at lunch is best left to professionals.”
  8. “I don't totally crush their dreams. I just step on them a bit…”
  9. “It must be hard to cook if you anthropomorphize your vegetables.”
  10. “This is hard data! It lets you quantify your enjoyment!”

Turn the page for the answers…

  1. Zach Brooks, reviewing the robots (or lack thereof) and sushi at U-Sushi, Midtown Lunch (April 16, 2012)
  2. Damon Gambuto, reviewing the burger at Street, Serious Eats (April 25, 2012)
  3. Bill Watterson, cartoon of Calvin and Hobbes eating corn on the cob (August 18, 1995)
  4. Bill Watterson, comic strip in which Hobbes tastes Calvin's cereal, Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs (February 28, 1989)
  5. Bill Watterson, comic strip in which Calvin explains why he decided to build generic snowmen (i.e., “crude imitations of what's already popular”) (December 26, 1995)
  6. Charlie H., (mock) reviewing Handsome Coffee Roasters, (March 12, 2012)
  7. Richard Guzmán, about Pizzanista!, Los Angeles Downtown News (April 20, 2012)
  8. Amanda Hesser, on giving advice to young would-be food writers, (April 10, 2012)
  9. Bill Watterson, comic strip in which Calvin misunderstands why his mom cries when she cuts an onion (May 4, 1995)
  10. Bill Watterson, comic strip in which Calvin explains a graph in his new issue of Chewing magazine (May 7, 1992)
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