L.A. Observed: The Daily Meal calculates the country's most expensive restaurants — with L.A.'s Urasawa No. 2. Melisse is No. 11.

CBS News: Obama announces a food initiative aimed at improving food security in needy African countries.

MedPage Today: A U.S. Department of Agriculture study finds that eating healthy food doesn't necessarily cost more than junk food.

Health on Today: Does organic food turn people into jerks? A new study says it might.

Gawker: If foodists say chefs are the new rock stars, then maybe we're experiencing an “out-of-proportion fetishization” of food.

Grub Street: In case you were wondering which chef is which rocker; a guide. Also from Grub Street, an examination of the strategies (and advantages) of dining solo.

Eatocracy: Critics dish on the art of the bad review. (“..the pen is mightier than the fork.”)

Food Politics: Should schools ban bake sales? Marion Nestle weighs in.

Bon Appetit: “The Craziest Food You Can Deep-Fry” — avocados, eggs, macaroni and cheese…

The Las Vegas Sun: Help Marja Vongerichten, host of PBS show “The Kimchi Chronicles,” find her father, a U.S. serviceman in the mid-'70s in Korea.

Daily Candy: New cocktails at the Tasting Kitchen in Venice.

Food GPS: A guide to favorite craft beers in L.A.

Food Republic: An interview with Chris Cosentino, who says he once rode a 24-hour bike endurance race.

Eating L.A.: A visit to the just re-opened Tom Bergin's.

Good Food: A recipe for strawberry shortcake from Inn of the Seventh Ray.

Pocho: Nopal, chile and mole flavored drinks coming to Starbucks? We wish!

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