The Salt: “Buying Sustainable Fish Is Getting Easier, But It's Still Hard”

The Los Angeles Times: Jonathan Gold recalls looking for a quart of milk in his Koreatown neighborhood on May 1, 1992. He revisits the area 20 years after the riots.

Grub Street: Noma alums coming to a restaurant near you…

Daily Dish: Russ Parsons tries out poi in Hawaii.

The Atlantic: Frugal economist Tyler Cowen looks for a good lunch.

Food Politics: Could sports drinks be health foods? Gatorade tries to school Marion Nestle.

Dine LA: They make ceramic pottery, play harmonica, do carpentry, DJ … and they're chefs, too.

Food & Think: It could be the world's most expensive vegetable.

The New Yorker: Teenager Flynn McGarry does pop-ups at his San Fernando Valley home; John Sedlar declared the farro dish “formidable.”

Fuck You, Broccoli: A rant against lima beans.

Burp and Slurp: The story of The Slice Truck, which just opened a brick-and-mortar spot. It wasn't instant Kogi-fame.

The 99 Cent Chef: Where to eat along the new Expo line.

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