The Associated Press via the Washington Post: A new farm and food bill is in the works, but it faces an uphill battle.

Gilt Taste: More chefs learn to cook without gluten.

Daily Dish: A recap of Dario Cecchini's visit to Valentino last night. Loud and meaty.

The New Yorker: “Restaurant Mental-Health-Code Violations.” (Example: “Server repeatedly and aggressively uses the words “mootz-arell” and “pruh-zhoot” with a straight face, almost as if taunting.”)

Zester: Making room for both print and digital cookbooks on the kitchen counter.

Saveur: Ruth Reichl discovers vintage cookbooks at Amber Unicorn Bookstore in Las Vegas.

Diner's Journal: Pete Wells says noisy, dark, uncomfortable restaurants could be “legal age discrimination.”

The Independent: Could realistic photos be the next trend after all-too-perfect “food porn?”

The Salt: Turning rotting food into works of art.

Grub Street: A guide to coffee snob shop etiquette. (“Approach it less as a daily refueling station … and more in the same way you would a bar bar.”)

Time Ideas: Seven foods to eat before you die, according to Josh Ozersky. It's the food version of Cultural Literacy.

Matador Network: Want to open a food truck? Here's the infographic.

The New York Post: New Yorkers gripe about communal tables at pricey restaurants. Sound familiar, Angelenos?

Bon Appetit: Westwood's new pizzeria 800 Degrees by the numbers. (2,000 pounds of mozzarella a week! 100 pizzas made per hour! And $7 for a margherita.)

Midtown Lunch: An underwhelming sushi robot but fun assembly line at U-Sushi.

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