Grist: It turns out that Subway is not necessarily any more healthful than McDonald's.

Huffington Post Politics: The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Monsanto in a soybean seed patent violation case that pitted Indiana farmer Vernon Hugh Bowman against the biotech giant.

Mental Floss: From bacon to beer, there are patron saints assigned to food and drink.

GQ: A visual aid on what exactly goes into the classic combo of burger, shake and fries, by percentage.

The Salt: Our ancestors started farming not to streamline their food-gathering, but to put their roots down. As writer Rhitu Chatterjiee puts it, “think of these early farmers as prehistoric suburbanites of sorts.”

Good Food: Learn how to make goat cheese nasturtium ice cream.

The Guardian: A list of unexpected (and some government-sanctioned) ingredients. Fish bladder, silicone breast implant fillers, rodent hair.

Serious Eats: In case you were looking to dry-age beef for a steakhouse-style prime rib burger, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt has the recipe for you.

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