The Washington Post: The landmark food safety bill signed by President Obama more than a year ago is stuck in limbo.

Gourmet Live: Ozomatli's global musical tastes match their culinary appetite.

Saveur: The Best Food Blog Award Winners. Because “In their infinite variety and extraordinary depth, [food blogs are] a vital part of not only the internet, but of food journalism overall.”

Good Food: Seventeen L.A. chefs reveal their favorite L.A. taco spots.

Grub Street: “The 15 Most Gloriously Dramatic Fights Between Restaurant Owners and Food Critics.” (Any fans of a certain L.A. Vietnamese restaurant? You should be able to guess #1…)

Eater L.A.: Five seasonal cocktails at L.A. bars and restaurants.

Planet Money: For New York food trucks, finding the “mystical spot” to park makes the difference between fortune and failure.

Gizmag: A Netherlands-based company launches an electric version of a “tuk tuk” — the auto-rickshaw vehicle common in Asia and Europe that carries passengers or sells food.

Food GPS: Joshua Lurie interviews Roy Choi, who says, “I feel like I'm just getting started.”

Caroline on Crack: Vegetable juice-based cocktails around town.

Gourmet Pigs: When in need of foie gras for dessert…

Eating L.A.: Checking out the new La Cuevita bar in Highland Park.

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