You know all these food holidays, like National Snowcone Day or whatever? Well, now there's a handy way to track and keep up with them, because that's very, very important. has released an app called Every Day Is a Food Holiday.

So, for instance, with this handy app, you can avoid the crippling fate of not knowing that this Saturday is National Vanilla Custard Day. Or that next Monday is National Potato Day. Where do these holidays come from? Who designates Aug. 17 as having to be forever associated with vanilla custard?

This is a question many food writers have asked each other, yet no one seems to have an answer. Some food days were by presidential decree (like National Ice Cream Day) and some have some historic significance (like National Doughnut Day), but most, I suspect, were simply made up by public relations folks to placate their clients, the National Association of Vanilla Custard Makers or whoever. In which case anyone should be able to make up national something-or-other-day, including me. I'd like to designate Tuesday, Sept.10, as National Shut the Fuck Up Day. Oh wait, I can't, Sept. 10 is already National TV Dinner Day. Thank God I had this handy app to tell me that!

You can download the Every Day Is a Food Holiday app here.

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