Foo Fighters

The Forum, with Against Me!, Serj Tankian

March 5, 2008

Photos and text by Timothy Norris

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What can be said about the Foo Fighters that hasn’t already been said? OK, I guess I could say that there is some kid out there that can now say that his/her first show they ever saw was a sold out Foo Fighters show at the Forum. My first show was also at the Forum. That’s right, I’m from the neighborhood. Though unlike a few of the members of Foo Fighters, I must admit that at first look my first show was definitely not as cool as some of those guys had it.

All the talk about the first show came up once the band was on the “acoustic stage” and had gone through a few songs. Dave was clearly very excited to have this headlining gig “at the Forum” under his belt. Rightfully so! How many kids from Virginia will ever get to say that this is something they’d done? How many kids from anywhere will ever get to say that this is something they’ve done? So, you know what he’s talking about. I’ve got to say though that Pat Smear has to have the coolest of all the “first shows at the Forum” in the band to his credit. Taylor Hawkins ranks up there with a Boston show. The keyboard/organ player is not too far back with a Rush concert. I can imagine it was about the time Red Barchetta, Limelight and YYX were big on the charts. (Were they big on the charts?) Anyway, Drew the percussionist was said to have checked out the Wham! show; and he made it back stage. Oh no! I haven’t even mentioned the show Pat Smear attended. Are you ready for this? It was Stevie Wonder opening for the Rolling Stones. Holy shit that would be amazing!

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Like I said, what can I say about Foo Fighters that hasn’t already been said about their current arena rock and roll concert tour? Well, perhaps many things, but one thing is for sure that some kid out there tonight will have the privilege of saying that they were there that night “at the Forum” when Stewart Copland of the Police got on stage during the encore to play Next To You with Taylor Hawkins singing lead. That’s right; that happened. Now granted, they may not know it yet, but unless Dave Grohl starts selling chicken it sure seems like a hell of a lot cooler first show than Kenny Rogers circa 1978 Gambler Tour with Gallagher smashing watermelons all over the front rows to open for a first show. But what can I say, I’m just not as cool as some of these kids these days.

Foo Fighters play again tonight (March 6) at the Forum. Tickets still available. Serj Tankian and Against Me! open the show.

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