At the end of last year, Squid Ink went for dinner and a ride along with SMPD Officer Dustin Brashchi to see if cops really do eat doughnuts. This one, it turns out, does not, as we found ourselves eating oysters and a lobster roll at Blue Plate Oysterette. Squid Ink decided to tag along again last week, meeting Officer Braschi for lunch at the spot of his choosing: La Grande Orange.

Braschi was in the midst training for this past weekend's Baker to Vegas relay race, after a couple of runners in his department had to withdraw due to injury. So with the sudden need for a bit more health-conscious eating, he opted for the “surfer style” tuna tacos and turkey chopped salad. But down to business. Was there any exciting restaurant or bar related crime lately? “Not really. Sometimes we get members of our transient community that fail to pay at Denny's, Norm's or CPK. That's called 'defrauding the innkeeper.' It's up to the restaurant whether they want to press charges, and usually we'll just move them along.”

Some of the feedback after our last report was the question of whether or not Officer Braschi was the lone exception on a force full of chili burger lovers. “No, you wouldn't see them at Tommy's. You'd eat better than you think riding along with other officers, but you'd also probably wind up at a lot of the same places. Shoop's, Zabie's, California Chicken Cafe.”

Lastly, we tried to find out if any of the other men and women on the force caught wind of him appearing in our last piece. “No. They still don't know. Thankfully,” he said. “I'm still waiting for it to get printed out and put up on the bulletin board or something.” I guess cops don't really read food blogs. Or maybe they're just Eater fans.

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