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The streetwear industry has been experiencing a global surge in popularity, fueled by its ability to merge fashion, culture, and exclusivity. In Chicago, this energetic scene is characterized by many emerging brands that boldly push boundaries and showcase their unique expression. Like Los Angeles, the city’s streetwear culture thrives through collaborative efforts, pop-up shops, and community-driven events that foster a sense of excitement and engagement. Why is this important? Well, meet the brand making positive waves, Follow God.

Follow God is an upcoming viral streetwear brand capturing hearts and resonating with many, sharing a faithful philosophy that transcends time. What’s their purpose? To spread an empowering message of Following God rather than conforming to the societal pressures being fed to the public from every angle.

The streetwear brand, born in the vibrant cultural hub of Chicago, has rapidly gained recognition all across the U.S with an immense number of their supporters residing here in Los Angeles.

The brand’s ethos offers a refreshing perspective that encourages others to find purpose and fulfillment guided by faith. They believe that who a person is, is enough and only God has the right to judge.

By refusing to allow oneself to be defined by external influences and placing God at the center, individuals have the ability to unleash their true potential. Following God’s dedication to this message resonates in each piece of clothing they produce.

Since their first drop in September 2020, the brand has been churning out high-quality products. They offer a wide variety of products, from tees to mesh shorts to wristbands. A crowd favorite is undoubtedly their Vintage Zip Ups, which come in four colors and have been seen on the likes of Bryce James, son of the legendary LeBron James, current NBA superstar of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Their quickly selling out hoodies are also a popular choice for consumers. Keep the faith, however, and watch their site as they will be restocking in the near future. They’re definitely a staple!

It’s hard to deny their commitment to excellence which sets them apart from other streetwear brands in the market. Their lofty design standards and diligent effort can be witnessed in every piece.

For instance, their Triple Runner T-Shirt, which comes in five variations uses the design principle of repetition. This fundamental principle uses patterns or visual elements to create unity and rhythm. This t-shirt design, in particular, repeats “Follow God” and “Not Others” to emphasize their core message. The repetition could be experienced as a form of confirmation, reinforcing their brand’s philosophy and, ultimately, the consumer wearing their garments.

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In the midst of establishing the brand, Follow God has also built an impressive following of over 115 thousand Instagram followers over the past three years, attracting those who align with their message.

The brand’s ability to tap into universal desires for authenticity, purpose, and faithful growth has allowed them to connect with their audience on a deep level. Their true purpose lies in fostering a community of individuals who are committed to living their lives in alignment with their faith. By wearing Follow God, customers become ambassadors of this powerful message.

In the end, the choice lies in the hands of the individual. Will they allow others to determine their identity and succumb to the expectations placed upon them, or will they choose to trust in the divine and Follow God? This is the question that the Follow God poses to society.

Follow God believes that the possibilities of one’s life are infinite as long as they put God first.

As they quote, “God did not create you to be what somebody else wants you to be. God made you to be you. If you want to be the best version of yourself, you have to refuse to allow yourself to be defined by others. Only God can define you. That is what we stand for. If you put God first, you will never be last. We trust in the power of God to bring out the best in people and the faith in people to bring out the best in the world.”

Join the movement that is changing lives—one garment at a time.

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