Nancy Silverton has been looking for something different to serve at Mozza 2 Go–something to serve by the slice, that people don't have to wait for, something with longevity. This year, during her annual trip to Italy, the pizza impresario travelled to Puglia, a region known for its distinct cuisine, and found what she was looking for: Focaccia.

Though this specific bread is widely referred to as Pulgia focaccia, because its preparation differs from that of other kinds, Silverton calls it simply focaccia (perhaps because it's done so right). It's baked in pans, the bottoms of which are coated generously with olive oil, a fact that Silverton finds terribly exciting. “During baking, the bottom of the bread almost fries in that oil!” she says like she's discovered the missing piece. She explains, stoked in her elegant, bakerly way, “It makes it less time sensitive, and gives it that longevity.” Though once people taste it — simultaneously soft and crunchy, and salty with a bit of sweet — shelf life shouldn't be much of a problem.

Starting Monday, September 28th, Silverton will begin selling the focaccia at Mozza 2 Go. “We haven't locked down what we're going to put on top,” she says, “but we're going to keep it simple, and we're going to keep it vegetarian.” Still, you can expect small cherry tomatoes (she finds the little dimples they leave in the bread to be “very attractive”) and fresno chile to be among them.

The focaccia will be baked twice a day on Mondays; first at noon, then at 6. Mozza 2 Go will have the bread only until it runs out, so consider calling ahead.

Mozza 2 Go: 6610 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles; (323) 287-1130.

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