This flyer is just a thing of beauty. MJ's has been hopping lately. Thumping bass bleeds through the walls, and I catch glimpses of glistening shirtless man-flesh dancing on a tiny stage as I walk to Trader Joe's for bread and cat food like the 80 year-old lady that I am. Still, I thought it was just another Silver Lake gay bar without a sense of humor. How wrong I was:

According to this, MJ's hosts “L.A.'s only gay punk rock tiki night” every Wednesday.

And here's the remix version. Also $1 drinks from 9 – 10. Sure, we'd normally focus on flyers for bands, but I felt this patriotic sentiment of soldiers clinging tightly to their guns at a local watering hole was worth a look.

On the other hand there's this: Without a doubt the worse flyer I've seen in a long time.

I suppose worse crimes have been committed in Photoshop, but I'd be hard pressed to come up with an example. Laser printed for extra curled-up edges and with an ocean of blurry, pixelated lost souls clapping for something (Maybe Redd Kross two years ago?), this just makes me glad I'll be out of town next weekend. This is the part of town where artists are supposed to live? Criminey. Ask anyone sitting in front of Intelligentsia to design a poster and it'll be better than this.

Here's a fine one from 2003:

Oh well. We are still very sorry about Isaac Hayes, but we love that he had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rena Kosnett before he died. She talked to him for LA Record. Read that here.

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