It's not until August 1, but The Chase at the Mountain Bar in Chinatown is presenting Jacques Renault:

Mountain Bar is at 473 Gin Ling Way. Check out The Chase's blog for updates: thechaseparty.blogspot.com/. (This flyer was posted on the window of Millie's which was closed and had the bars across the windows, so that's why there's a weird angle… )

Want something a little more immediate? Tonight at Echo Curio: The Pity Party

The crazy monster drawing is by RONALD DZERIGIAN, whose art is currently showing there. Check out more at www.echocurio.com/Cabinet.html

Here's The Pity Party at the Hammer last summer

And a gallery of photos of the band playing at their February residency at Spaceland:

Click the photo to see the rest. Photo by Timothy Norris.

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