It takes a big ego, a serious commitment to self-marketing, or maybe a certain level of tragic desperation to want to be on a reality competition cooking show. You go on for the attention, or the prize, or maybe your sous chef did it and lost and you want to show him how it's done. (Yes, that was a thinly veiled reference to Michael Voltaggio.) Regardless of motivation, once you've decided to put yourself out there, you have to figure out which show is the right fit for you. Squid Ink is here to help make that critical decision with a handy flow chart.

With so many options — and more being developed every season — there seems to be a place for everyone, from the rank amateur to the truly talented. For our purposes, we are only including shows that offer open casting. So do you have what it takes to be on TV and make a name for yourself? Is the prize within your reach? Turn the page.

Credit: Rachael Narins

Credit: Rachael Narins

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