Check out Siran Babayan's review of Flight of the Conchords live and Timothy Norris' corresponding slideshow.

This Flight of the Conchords fan was the star of the audience at the comedy-folk duo's Sunday night performance at the Hollywood Bowl. I saw him a few times over the course of the night and there always seemed to be cameras surrounding him.

For those unfamiliar with Flight of the Conchords' HBO series, the foil and cardboard robot is from “Robots” (aka “The Humans Are Dead”) sequence from the premiere episode. In the fictional life of Flight of the Conchords, “Robots” is to be the band's first video. They wanted costumes like Daft Punk's, but it didn't turn out that way. Here's a YouTube clip for your reference. The “binary solo” is epic.

As you can see below, Flight of the Conchords robot cosplays seem a little cumbersome inside the Bowl's box seats, but it has to be worth it. More people should cosplay at concerts.

Credit: Timothy Norris

Credit: Timothy Norris

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