This Mother's Day, instead of getting the kids off your back by shelling out 10 bucks apiece for admission to the latest mind-numbing drivel (while you do your own mind-numbing with a glass of vino), earn that “Mom” badge: Give them the opportunity to discover that the medium of film can be composed of thoughtfully crafted projects that entertain and inform at the REDCAT International International Children's Film Festival, which ends today. Presented by CalArts and Northwest Film Forum, this family-friendly event brings live-action and animated shorts from all over the globe to the big screen. You won't see any Razzie-winning Jack and Jill-type duds here. The program is curated by Northwest Film Forum's children's film specialist Elizabeth Shepherd, whose intention is to present age-appropriate films (with age recommendations for each) that portray children's experiences around the world. Slated for Sunday: Caution! The Doors Are Opening!, a Russian stop-frame puppet animation about buttons run amok in the metro; The Dukes of Bröxstônia, a hair-raising horror flick from Australia; and Brother Benoít, an animated Swiss tale of a blundering monk ordered to clean the church organ with the help of his chicken. Enjoy the show with your kids. It's what a good mom would do. REDCAT, Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater, 631 W. 2nd St.; ends Sun., May 13, noon; $5 per screening. (213) 237-2800,

Sat., May 5; Sun., May 6; Sat., May 12; Sun., May 13, 2012

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