Tonight, Crystal Castles will assault the Echoplex with their digi-discopunk for one of two U.S. performances right before the release of their extremely limited vinyl on Record Store Day. The warped electro duo will release only 500 copies of their 12″, which will include unreleased guitar noise tracks from 2004–before Crystal Castles became electro–and the heavy single “Doe Deer” from their much-anticipated upcoming release slated to drop in June. With no digital or CD release, Crystal Castles are serious about vinyl for Record Store Day.

The slightly controversial band (read more after the jump) has the new music on lockdown, so WCS will instead debut the new video by Eric Wareheim of Crystal Castles collaborators and local heroes, Health. Witness the continuation of Health's NSFW fixation on blood orgies (not of the atomic fern), and Crystal Castles controversy videos after the jump.

Yikes, NSFW unless you work with Sam Raimi and/ or Gwar.

Back in the day, the duo was embroiled in underground rock's finest controversy (second only to the Andrew W.K. doppleganger-gate), where accusations of creative commons abuse arose when their song Insecticon bore striking resemblance to the fantastic Belgian 8-bit producer, Lo-bat (who plays music through modified Gameboys).

Then Crystal Castles fans accused Timbaland and 50 Cent of stealing from the Toronto troupe:

Spicy right? But you know what's not spicy? A bunch of kids singing Beach House

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