And you thought the occupation of Los Angeles was over with the raid on Occupy L.A.'s City Hall lawn encampment at the end of November.

Oh no.

The occupy nation is getting ready to confront a series of banks today regarding their take-our-bailout-money-and-our-houses tendencies:

Organizers, including the group Good Jobs LA, are calling today's actions “flash occupations.”

They expect 200 people and will descend on an embattled target, the Bank of America Plaza downtown.

But bank branches in Westwood, Inglewood, Compton and other parts of downtown will also feel their wrath, according to a statement:

The flash occupations will escalate the pressure on the 1% as a response to the continued inaction of Wall Street banks to pay their fair share, put a moratorium on foreclosures and invest in the future of our communities.

Sounds like fun for the whole family. But wait: You want anti-Wall Street anger and class warfare? There's more!

Wall Street banks are continuing to wait on the sidelines and failing to do their part to get our economy back on track. When Wall Street needed help after their greed and recklessness crashed our economy, Congress rushed to bail them out with billions in taxpayer money – now Wall Street corporations and banks are sitting on $2 trillion in cash but failing to invest in local communities to create good jobs. Bank of America took $230 billion in bailouts, made $4 billion in profits over the past two years and paid its CEO $10 million in 2010, but contributed $0 in federal taxes in 2009 and 2010 while cutting small business lending by 89% since the economic crash.

Them's fighting words.

We're not so sure what's so “flash” about this, since we're getting fair warning. But the word is so, like, viral (it caught our attention).

All the magic happens at noon at Bank of America Plaza, 333 S. Hope St.

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Bring your gas masks, just in case.

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