1 HOLLYWOOD What other place on Earth has more celebrities per square inch? As well as the hottest-looking, highly trained dancers, athletes, circus people and the rest to bring their talents to any party or event.

2 LOCATIONS Los Angeles offers the best and most varied locations in the world. You can throw a party in so many different types of spaces. A forest, beach, ranch, penthouse, mansion, a city street, a club, a restaurant, or a backlot at a world-famous studio such as Paramount or Universal.

3 PROP HOUSES AND FOLIAGE RENTALS If you want ancient Egypt, the Taj Mahal, or a physical place and time specific to, say, the Old West or Vietnam (think Indochine), it’s all possible between prop houses and the acres of foliage available at such places as Jackson Shrub in

North Hollywood.

4 CULTURES Indian, Mexican, Chinese, African, Ethiopian, English, French, Vietnamese, Japanese, and the list goes on. These rich and varied cultures are so accessible in Los Angeles. For instance, you can go to Little India and buy props, furniture, and hire chefs from the restaurants as well as performers and artists.

5 ARTISANS/CRAFT PEOPLE/MANUFACTURERS Because of Hollywood and the business of creating fantasy, these skills are easily accessible, and are an often inexpensive way of transforming a party.

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