We've been feeling a little anti-romance lately. Maybe it's because this is the time when summer flings fade and our thoughts turn to people smashing each other's faces in aka football. Or maybe it's because the nights are darkening earlier, and that's depressing. Whatever the reason, we decided to get out of our funk with a few action flicks that are surprisingly romantic. If it doesn't shake us out of our funk, hey, at least we got to watch stuff get blown up.

5. True Lies

One of James Cameron's most underrated movies involves a ton of romance once you get past Arnold Schwarnegger's spy games. The chemistry between him and Jamie Lee Curtis evolves over the course of the film and together, they form a cohesive asskicking unit. Add to that the fact they go the same trials and tribulations that many couples go through (not in the same exact way, use your imagination here), it's easy to see why this is a romantic flick.

4. Under Siege

In perhaps Steven Seagal's best movie (not saying much), the relationship between him and a former Playboy model serves as the film's only significant character bond. Granted, it takes forever for this plotline to evolve and even when it does, it's wooden at best, but at least they're trying, right? We never said this had to be the most romantic list ever — in fact, it intentionally isn't — but in this case, they're trying and it's good for something.

3. Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom

In the most maligned and darkest of the Indiana Jones films (sorry, the last one doesn't count), Indy get stuck in India, has to free children from a cult and all is well. The unexpected romance between him and Willie, a lounge singer from Shanghai via America and the proverbial damsel in distress, is what carries the movie. Yes, there's all of the action that are the hallmarks of an Indiana Jones move, but the point here is that the romantic angle can make the movie accessible for both men and women. Hey, what's the worst thing that happens, your lady doesn't like it while you see some cool shit happen? Not bad, not bad at all.

2. Speed

Remember this 1994 classic where Keanu Reeves raced through L.A. on a bus that was about to explode? People remember the suspense of weaving in and out of traffic, but a nice little love story between Reeves and Sandra Bullock was bubbling, too. What's more romantic than watching the two lead characters navigate their way through a dangerous situation while slowly falling for each other? It's the best of both worlds, to quote both Van Halen and Jay-Z/R. Kelly

1. Die Hard

At first glance, you might think we are nuts for this one. But consider: there's a terrorist attack/robbery at the infamous Nakatomi Plaza in Century City (which now is the site of CAA), but besides defending himself and preventing the heist, all John McClane wants to do is surprise his estranged wife. Granted this has “dude flick” written all over it, but it's nice to see how McClane's love for his wife keeps him going, though it isn't necessarily obvious at times.

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