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For King of the Hill fans, Brittany Murphy, who died yesterday after suffering from cardiac arrest, will forever be remembered as the voice of Luanne Leeanne Platter Kleinschmidt, the cute and naive niece of protagonists Hank and Peggy Hill. While it would have been easy to play Luanne as a stereotypical airhead needed for laughs, Murphy didn't go that route. Instead, she injected Luanne with a soul, turned her into a sweet girl who could be mean when it suited her, a character who tried incredibly hard to be taken seriously, but often made the situation worse in the process. Below, we picked out five of our favorite Luanne moments from the series.

Episode: “Hilloween”

Luanne becomes a pawn in Junie Harper's plan to rid the town of Halloween.

Luanne: “Uncle Hank, Aunt Peggy, I have terrible news. Halloween is a satanic holiday. It was invented by the Druish.”

Peggy: “No, honey, not Druish. The Druids.

Hank: “Where did you hear that garbage?”

Luanne: “It's the truth. Trick-or-treating is devil worship. Junie Harper says so.”

Episode: Luanne Virgin 2.0

Luanne joins a group of born-again virgins.

“Uncle Hank, I quit being a virgin the first time I had sex.”

Episode: “Fun with Jane and Jane”

After being rejected by every sorority on campus, Luanne falls in with a strange campus group.

Peggy: “Luanne, do you know why I spend every Friday night with you?”

Luanne: “Because I challenge you with my intellectual?”

Episode: “Pigmalion”

Luanne falls for the head of a pork product company, but he seems to have other plans for her.

“Stop it. Stop telling me what to do. I am a proud, ignorant woman and no one is going to change that.”

Episode: “My Hair Lady”

Luanne drops out of community college to become a hairdresser and ends up working at the hottest shop in town.

“I cannot fail out of the real world. There are no more worlds for me to go.”

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