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Alejandra Loera

Have you heard of Coachella? We've been writing a lot about it! Though most of you are there to, um, see the music (and, of course, smuggle in drugs) sometimes you want to take a break from all that and roam around. So here are five spots you might not have yet hit up, to cool off, people watch and maybe score some swag.

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Alejandra Loera

5. The Silent Disco

Located in the campgrounds, the silent disco is available to everyone, even if you aren't camping. All you have to do is leave your ID for exchange of a pair of headphones. Strap them on and groove by yourself — but within a big group. Usually those in attendance are large groups of crazy campers ready to keep the party going well into the next day. Adorned with giant balls that change colors along with the music, this is a must see for those not wanting to end their day of partying early.

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Alejandra Loera

4. The H&M Tent

This tent is located in between the Sahara and Mojave stage and is usually not crowded or hard to get into. Inside they offer gel colors for ladies and an opportunity to freshen up and get your hair done for free. In addition there is always a DJ playing some fun beats, free water and a place to charge your phone. Oh ya did we mention the air conditioning? During the day this is the perfect spot to cool down and spend some quality time with your BFF or a lover-to-be.

Alejandra Loera

3. The Speakeasy

Sponsored by and formally just the Red Bull tent – the Speakeasy is a fun relatively unknown bar within the beer garden located in between the main stage and outdoor theater. All you have to do is say the password (dance with bulls) and you are magically transported into a time where drinking was illegal and everyone dressed up for everything. The bartenders pour some hefty drinks for only $10 and you can play around with all of the old school activities like creating a stamp or getting your picture taken dressed up in old school apperal. The best part however besides the air conditioning again? The two guys on the piano and harmonicas playing some epic classic hits and roomy dance floor which lets you forget you are currently on a giant polo field in the middle of the desert.

2. Heineken Dome

This is the optimal cool off spot where you can actually witness world renowned talent up close and personal. Artist like DJ Dan, Doc Martin, DJ Mehdi and Doctor P have all played incredible extended sets in the dome which offers premium air conditioning, incredible visuals, a legit sound system and an endless amount of Heineken – beer which you have to purchase of course. Sometimes there's a bit of a line to get in, but we promise it's worth it just to cool off with a cold beer, watch some crazy shit through 3D glasses while listening to the next best thing in dance music. You never know who you are going to bump into here either so why deal with the sweaty masses at the Sahara or Yuma tent when you can chill and still get your shuffle on in the Heineken dome.

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Oliver Scherillo

1. The Do Lab

Despite being smack dab in the middle of the festival, this by far one of the most under rated places and completely incredible chill out, cool off spots. The Do Lab is responsible for fests like Lighting in a Bottle in OC and even brings their artistic stage to the Burning Man playa. Located conveniently in between the main stage and outdoor theater area – this is one of the premiere out door places to come and cool off, people watch and meet some pretty interesting people. In between acts they spray off passerbyers and you can sit underneath the giant multicolored pyramid tents. With everything from dubstep like RUN DMT and out of this world psy-fi acts what more could you ask for? At night you can catch everything from fire throwers and aerialist to simply wow and blow your minds. Definitely a MUST check out with no exceptions.

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