Except for an amazing little church near Rampart, all the art on this week's list is out of the 1970s. But enough from that decade is still so good that I guess it's OK to rehash a little longer.

5. Feeding Time

Orange County may be a trek, but the O.C. Museum of Art's “State of Mind” show will be up for only one more month, and it includes work rarely seen elsewhere, including Bruce Nauman's trippy “light space” (a narrow plywood room lit by yellow fluorescent lights) and images of Bonnie Sherk's 1971 Public Lunch, in which she ate in a cage next to the lions at the San Francisco Zoo. 850 San Clemente Drive, Newport Beach; through Jan. 22. (949) 759-1122, ocma.net.

4. Balancing Act

Guy Dill studied at the Chouinard Institute of Art in the late 1960s and has steadily shown in this city ever since. His newer sculptures, made of marble and bronze, are big and bulky, perfect for the public gardens and courtyards that house them. But the work in this Leslie Sacks exhibition, all made in the early '70s, is an elegant balancing act. Large sheets of glass lean against steel cylinders or are held up by cotton webbing. 2525 Michigan Ave., B6, Santa Monica; through Dec. 31. (310) 264-0640, lesliesackscontemporary.com.

3. Vintage Makes a Comeback

The title of Jancar Gallery's current exhibition, “Vintage Work,” is both absolutely accurate and a bit of a jab. It features work by three Los Angeles women, Ilene Segalove, Susan Mogul and Hildegarde Duane, whose work in the 1970s tried to suss out how, if the personal was political, things like mother complexes and wardrobe choices could become as assertive as a stump speech. The work received minimal attention when it debuted, but now, in the art world, “'70s vintage” is in. So what does it mean when work gets recognized a few decades late? 961 Chung King Road, through Jan. 14. (213) 625-2522, jancargallery.com.

2. The Best Church Lighting Design in L.A.?

Founded in 1925, L.A.'s Mother Trust Superet Church combines the scientific study of light with Bible study, because, as the church's website says, “Jesus' Words were shining with and in a brilliancy of golden and purple Light.” There's a pink and purple neon sign above the church itself and a shooting neon rainbow above the Jesus statue in the prayer garden. At night, it's more festive than Christmas lights, and it's lit year-round. 2516 W. Third St.; superet.com.

1. Punk Country Music and Other Oddities

“Experimental Impulse” at REDCAT is more like an excerpted research library than an art show, with rows of tables lined with printouts and images documenting various activities, thought processes and performances from the 1970s. But if you stay a while, I promise you'll get roped in. There's a table devoted to L.A. cow punk (country music by L.A. punks) and documents, leases and bills that prove just how antibureaucratic the alt-art world was. 631 W. Second St., dwntwn.; through Jan. 15. (213) 237-2800, redcat.org.

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