Erstwhile Fishbone man Angelo Moore performs at the Viper Room this week as part of the Pre-NAMM Slamm show, so we spoke to him about that, Fishbone, his Brand New Step project and more.

L.A. WEEKLY: What's happening at the Viper on Jan. 23? What is the Pre-NAMM Slamm?
ANGELO MOORE: The Pre-NAMM Slamm is a music industry party for the National Association of Music Merchants. D'Addario (guitar string company) and Vox Amps are just a few of the endorsers that will be there. It's a concert to kick off the NAMM Show, celebrating great music and the artists that use their equipment, and how they use it with their music. Rebel Rampage, Doctrin, Aboleth and The Missin' Links will be the bands engaging this affair.

What can we expect from you on the night?
You're gonna get a heavy, hard-hitting night of soul and rock & roll being played through some of the best state-of-the-art equipment technology has to offer. I highly recommend you show up and challenge yourself next Wednesday night with these bands. We will be giving our best, leaving you blown away after we’re done with you. Leaving you only to tell everyone you know who missed it, what they missed.

What else do you have going on?
The Brand New Step is an ingenious group of creative men (Kris Jensen and Jim Greer) out of San Francisco, along with myself and various other musicians like Claude Coleman Jr. (Ween), Hash Vyas (Thievery Corporation), JJ Jungle and Hassan Hurd from The Coup, and Bridney Reese. It's a supreme high-fidelity dance project with infectious grooves. The lyrics addressing a more spiritual and psychedelic perspective on life as well as touching on some political views and social commentary. It's one of my more contemporary ensembles with a heavy electronic soul and dance music component blessed with disco ball hanging over the top, like mistletoe. We just released a new song called “Pendulum Swings.”  Find it at for videos, and releases.

Any Fishbone news to report?
Fishbone are in preproduction for the next single, which will hopefully be out in the near future. Fishbone are also performing Feb. 9 at the One Love festival in Long Beach. And with the 311 cruise the first week of March, and March 29 in Hollywood at the Henry Fonda with our friends Galactic.

What's next for you in 2019?
The Brand New Step project will be releasing a new full-length album on Ropeadope Records. Touring in June and July. I’m gonna be exposing my show called The Angelo Show, which contains spoken-word poetry, a song I sing for you accompanied by organ, kick-beat on the drums, color art, and eccentricity and then the intimate exit out.

Angelo Moore plays at the Pre-NAMM Slamm with Rebel Rampage, Doctrin and Abolish at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 23, at the Viper Room.

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