Los Angeles producers Presto and Avatar have joined forces to create Wayward Saints, a collaboration that reverse engineers DJ Shadow, St. Germain, and Tribe Called Quest to produce downbeat jams recalling 1960/70's jazz that spawned the 1990's acid hip-hop scene. It's a bit of a musical moebius strip: live instrumentation mimicking samples, which were gleaned from old records from the far out era. The album, Future Vintage (yeah, wrap your head around that), drops on November 10th via Concrete Gooves, but here's a morsel called “Ghost Town.” At a few moments, you expect Q-Tip to flow over the groove, but these instrumental jams rely on movement and chord changes, not lyrics, to embellish the beat. It's music for movie montages, that scene where the date gets sensual, from coffee-shop to candle-lit dinner to red wine, tiramisu, slow-mo smooch, and slow pan to the curtains. Sexxxy.

[MP3 and more moments in Modal, Acid, and far out jazz after the jump]

“Ghost Town” – Wayward Saints [MP3] (via Potholes in My Blog)

Jaco Pastorius “Zores Mores” live 1976

Miles Davis – Black Satin

Herbie Hancock

Fred Katz

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