Okay, guys. We know you're sizing up potential mates for that overpriced Valentine's Day meal.

And we know you all want your investment to pay off. (Yeah, boys think this way. Really).

Well, here's a little intel for you:

If she has an Android smartphone, you're in!

Almost. According to a survey by the dating website Match.com (via VentureBeat), 62 percent of Android users said they've gone all the way on date numero uno.


iPhone users came in second place in this race, at 57 percent.

And, of course, those suit-wearing Blackberry users were the most uptight, with a 48 percent put-out rate on first dates. (Avoid! AVOID!).

So are Blackberry guys and girls just classier, or are Android users just freaks? You'll have to do the research for us.

Okay, guys, don't all head for the nearest Android-using chick at once.

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