Here's where we stand on Twilight: Those prudish books are a ghastly abomination, particularly for adult readers; that first Catherine Hardwicke movie is awesome and campy as all get-out; and the rest of the screen “saga” is just Hollywood bullshit to sell supermarket tabloids. And don't get us started on the soundtracks, hodgepodges of the good (Beck, Dead Weather), the bad (Vampire Weekend) and the WTF (Cee Lo?) put together by Prius-driving music supervisors from Santa Monica.

Want an antidote? The archive-digging Finders Keepers label is issuing the drowsy, atmospheric soundtracks for the cult films of Jean Rollin, the recently deceased French director who took the 1970s vampire sexploitation subgenre into the realms of poetry and surrealism. Last August, Finders Keepers released the psych score for Le Frisson des Vampires, performed by Acanthus, and now it's putting together out-there happenings sure to attract all our local Vampyros Lesbos lovers. If you're reading this on Thurs., June 2, make sure to head out to Cinefamily for a bill including Jean Rollin's debut feature, Rape of the Vampire (1968), re-scored by the likes of Demdike Stare and Tearist, plus L.A.'s dark selectors themselves, the Killing Spree DJs. Remember, kids: Real vampires suck and swallow.

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