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Becoming an actor or influencer has become the most desired career path for kids under the age of 17, because in our media-saturated world, this is where they can express themselves, show off their talents, and earn the opportunity to make money or gain fame.

But how many real opportunities are out there for kids?

The ratio for active profiles and job listings on Backstage is close to 700:1. Faced with these odds, many kids soon feel defeated, and parents are understandably frustrated. A lot of time and money are invested … without results. That’s often the reality of this industry.

This is exactly why ClasShare built the FilmForKids community, a private community where we partner with educators, scriptwriters, filmmakers and industry professionals to create more opportunities for kids in films and commercials.

Before now, that didn’t exist.

ClasShare, an online learning platform, has launched its exclusive new digital community, FilmForKids. This collaborative opportunity lets educators and students connect, share resources, and engage in discussions. FilmForKids fosters a sense of community and encourages kids to collaborate and learn from one another.

“We have received interest from startup accelerators, angel groups, and venture capitalists,” says founder and CEO Wei Hunter. “We feel that ClasShare has the potential to become a unicorn within five years.”

“Since moving to Atlanta in 2021, we have been able to successfully build a strong network of connections in the film industry,” Wei reveals. “We are confident that our services can help kids grow, learn, and succeed in their dreams and goals.”

She adds that child actors, influencers, and filmmakers have unique needs when it comes to building their careers. They need a safe, supportive community to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from industry experts. “FilmForKids is where these young talents can develop their skills and connect with others in the industry,” she says.

The FilmForKids community offers participants unique experiences and chances for participation in projects, such as short films written specifically for tweens and teens; paid commercial appearances; and live cohort-based classes taught by top-tier instructors and industry professionals. Within the community, kids get to learn from working actors who help them prepare profiles and reels. They also get access to a director of major kids’ talent agencies in the US, and receive career guidance and valuable resources.

About Wei Hunter

Founder and CEO Wei Hunter is a serial entrepreneur and the mother of a young aspiring actor. She obtained an MBA degree from NYU in 2020 and founded ClasShare soon after. Wei strongly believes in the power of education and entertainment and is dedicated to producing high-quality video content and building a social and learning community for kids and parents.

“We are dedicated to our mission of helping kids build successful career paths,” Wei shares. “We studied existing research, which states that over 85% of kids between 8-17 use social media, and 30% of those kids dream of being actors or influencers. We saw an opportunity to empower kids with education through entertainment and help them monetize their skills.”

Wei’s goal is to become the next Disney, producing high-quality video content and building an ecosystem where kids can learn, showcase their talents, and monetize their skills. Since launching in January 2021, ClasShare has already attracted over 200 students from around the world, and the company’s first short film, “Power Forward,” was accepted into 6 film festivals, including  the Atlanta Children’s Film Festival. ClasShare is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Seed & Spark for its next short film, “All You’ve Got,” which is scheduled to film in April 2023.

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Founder & CEO Wei Hunter

As a mother of a young aspiring actor, Wei is passionate about helping kids build skills for a better future and believes that education is key to the success of the next generation. She has already produced four short films, two of which have been accepted into nine film festivals, and has built great connections in the film industry since moving ClasShare’s headquarters to Atlanta in 2021.

About ClasShare

ClasShare is an online learning platform and social community that aims to empower kids with education through entertainment and help them build successful career paths. The company offers a range of services, including cohort-based live classes, access to the FilmForKids community, and opportunities to participate in film and commercial projects. The platform also offers courses in acting, filmmaking, and influencing, taught by industry professionals. The community is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for kids and parents to connect and collaborate, share resources and ideas, and showcase talents. ClasShare wants to make films accessible to kids from all over the world, allowing them to realize their dreams.



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