The centerpiece of “Antagonistic,” York Chang's installation at Commonwealth and Council, is an email exchange that may or may not have actually played out. Printed papers are laid out on top of a wooden table under cracked glass. Read right to left to get the story from the beginning: Chang has asked artist Gustavo Raynal for a few collages, made of cut-up portraits of corporate executives. Chang says he wants to include them in a show; Raynal says he destroyed them. Chang says he photographed them at Raynal's studio; might he show the photos? Raynal feels violated. The antagonism escalates, until Chang says he's showing his photos, and Raynal says he'll be at the opening with a hammer. The photos of collages hang on the wall, and the whole thing feels irksome — a clash of egos and ethics over what, exactly? — but it sticks with you, which must be what Chang wants. 3006 W. Seventh St.; through Sept. 28. (213) 703-9077,

Sept. 7-28, 2013

LA Weekly