Festivals (F)rock: The Hottest Coachella Party Fashion

Naomi Ochoa, Noah Gould, Grace Kim, Kaya Dobbs (BFA)(BFA)Emma Norton (BFA)(BFA)Madison Brodsky (BFA)(BFA)Jade Danielle (BFA)(BFA)Lost Girl (BFA)(BFA)Christina Carmela, Nicky Gathrite, Model Roz (BFA)(BFA)Cherie Noel (BFA)(BFA)Brittany Carel, Alexa Vitug (BFA)(BFA)Susan Barry, Kathleen Beer (BFA)(BFA)Hailey Anastasia, Aly Parth, Gretzie Parth (BFA)(BFA)Nay Harris, Lauren Bilbo, Emilee Ann Miller, Brittany Dejardo (BFA)(BFA)Kinya Claiborne (BFA)(BFA)Yasmin Coutinho (BFA)(BFA)Amarni Skaf (BFA)(BFA)Anastasia Karanikolaou (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Siobhan Bell (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Storm Reid (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Inanna Sarkis (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Emma Roberts (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Allen Cohen (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)PinkPantheress (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Raissa Gerona (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Ryan Destiny (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Justine Skye (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Amaarae (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Amelia Gray Hamlin (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Camila Morrone (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Madison Bailey (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Lee Abodi (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Eden Mari Haviv (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Adam Drawas (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Nara Aziza (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Camila Coelho (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Negin Mirsalehi (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)YesJulz (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Danielle Bernstein (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Chantel Jeffries (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Madison Pettis (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)David Dobrik (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Kelsey Merritt (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Paris Jackson (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Teyana Taylor (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Tyga (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)YG (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Olly Sholotan (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Sara Sampaio (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Achieng Agutu (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Chase Keith (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Aurora Culpo, Olivia Culpo, Sophia Culpo (Jason Sean Weiss/BFA) (BFA)Rey Wood(BFA)Ava Michelle(BFA)Nikki Gerber(BFA)Melissa Luna(BFA)Shenseea(BFA)Anderson .Paak(BFA)Leah Talabi, Sarah Talabi (BFA) (BFA)(BFA)(BFA)Niki Demar(BFA)(BFA)(BFA)Opiiee Bee (BFA)(BFA)Timani Reid, Raina Collins(BFA)(BFA)(BFA)Nicole Vincent (BFA)(BFA)Zachary Reality (BFA)(BFA)Ashleigh Baugh (BFA)(BFA)Holly Scarfone (BFA)(BFA)George Todd McLachlan (BFA)(BFA)Delilah Belle Hamlin (BFA)(BFA)John Lim, Dan Zhu (BFA)(BFA)(BFA)(BFA)Oscar Garcia(BFA)(BFA)(BFA)Kai Caster, Natalie Alyn Lind (BFA)(BFA)Jaxon Rose, Denir Radoncic (BFA)(BFA)(BFA)(BFA)Victoria Justice (BFA)(BFA)Paris Jackson (BFA)(BFA)(BFA)(BFA)

The Hottest Coachella Party Fashion (Slideshow): Festival season is warming up, especially after Coachella weekends one and two. Flipping through the plethora of party pics and step and repeat poses that came through our email inbox, one thing is very clear: skin is still in!

As a reporter who covered the festival (and the Coachella party scene) for several years, we always seem to find common threads in terms of different fashion eras at Coachella, and at the biggest off-site bashes.

From American Apparel jogger getups to Indian headdresses (now considered problematic), feathers and fringe to the ubiquitous floral head garlands and boho dresses to full-on beachwear (swimsuits and speedos), trends may vary over the years, but certain things never change.

Attendees want to look sexy, colorful and fun. Comfort is important too, though the people who come out for the party scene alone can get away with looks festival-goers cannot, like high heels and non-breathable fabrics.

So what’s everybody wearing this Spring and Summer? Judging from these photos: cut-outs and cut-offs, bare bellies and bikini tops, denim and decadent, shiny fabrics, lace, crochet and anything see-thru, snazzy hats and wavy hair, bold shades and big boots. Now you know. Get shopping!

Photos here:

Playboy After Dark presented by London Alley (Photos by BFA)

The Racquet Club presented by Flying Embers  (Photos by BFA)

Lucky Brand’s Desert Mirage (Photos by BFA)

REVOLVE x The h.wood Group  present REVOLVE Festival (Photos by Jason Sean Weiss/BFA)

Shein Presents Zeuphoria (Photos by Yvonne Tnt/BFA)







































































































































































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