Feeling Feint: UK-born drum n’ bass artist Feint started producing for a hobby when he was 18.

I started by just messing around with FL Studio (at the time, music production as a hobby wasn’t too popular, and there were very few resources on the internet),” he says. “It was definitely quite an underground thing back then! I started DJing shortly afterward after my music started gaining some traction online. It got serious for me when I left university and decided to try doing it full time.”

Today, he describes his sound as melodic and energetic.

“[It’s] inspired by nostalgia and the feelings of wonder and exploration,” Feint says.

The artist coped with the pandemic by focusing on the areas of his life that the lockdown didn’t affect.

Although, of course, not being able to travel and play shows wasn’t ideal, I found that having some mental space to refocus on writing music away from the dance floor and also to focus on my other hobbies has actually made me the healthiest I think I’ve been in a long time,” he says. “So despite the negative effects that the pandemic obviously has, I constantly just remind myself to focus on what can be done to find the positives in it.”

His new single is “Lost & Found.”

The new single is about being the best that you can be, even if it comes after losing parts of yourself,” he says. “The track started from some initial melodic ideas that I wrote and shortly after were added upon by R7CKY and Skyelle. The original vocal and R7CKYs contributions were written in China, and Skyelle’s English version was recorded in the US. I brought the project together in Manchester, UK, where I’m based – definitely a very international project!”

Feint has plenty more planned for 2022.

I have some more collaborations coming up soon, as well as some new singles that are currently being worked on,” he says. “I’m also working on my biggest project to date (still under wraps!) whilst preparing to start playing more shows again!”

Feeling Feint: The”Lost & found” single is out now.


LA Weekly