A new epidemic has taken over Austin, TX and is currently making its way to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and a multitude of other cities filled with tech heads. The SX SARS first infiltrated the geeks of South by Southwest Interactive last week. Now that the music portion of SXSW is in full swing, we can only imagine how all of those sexy rock stars and groupies are choosing to remedy the condition.

Social media videographer Marlooz and L.A.'s favorite shameless self-promoter Alana Joy put together this special PSA to spread the word about SX SARS.

For us, the cure for SX SARS is 12-14 hours of uninterrupted sleep, consuming at least a gallon of water the day after returning home, 90 minutes of hot sweaty torture (a.k.a Bikram Yoga), and an afternoon at the beach with nothing but the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves accompanying us (or a few shots of Hair of the Dog.)

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