Gloria Allred, L.A.'s biggest name in celebrity litigation, has long fallen on the sexier side of women's rights. She's gone after pervy politicians like Herman Cain and Arnold Schwarzenegger for their rampant womanizing, and can side, poker-faced, with a sexting porn star as if it was the most serious human-rights case since Dred Scott v. Sandford.

Allred's latest crusade for she-justice:

The superstar attorney represented two semi-famous hotties who had slammed their ex, a douchey-sounding Manhattan lawyer named Matthew Couloute Jr., on He freaked out …

… and sued them for “tortuous interference with prospective business relations.” And guess who came out on top?

Wilshire Boulevard's unbeatable octolawyer, of course! A little more on her bombshell clientele, Stacey Blitsch and Amanda Ryncarz, via the New York Post (where else):

The 5-foot-5 blond bombshell, who was known as “Malibu” Stacey Blitsch, served as women's captain of the California Quakes and leader of its “Bod Squad.”

… Couloute said Ryncarz — who made headlines in 2004 after she and two other women were busted for public nudity during a raucous spring-break bikini contest — confessed that she kicked off the campaign of character assassination after getting drunk on Christmas.

According to reports on the lawsuit, the nasty LiarsCheatersRUs page on Couloute quickly rose to the top of his search results. Where it still sits today, directly above his LinkedIn profile. (Ouch.) But strangely, despite the ruling, it appears to have been taken down a few days ago. From a cached copy of the page, here's what one anonymous post said about Couloute:

“Lives in Jacksonville, FL/NY/NJ with his new “wife” that he married in City Hall just days after breaking up with his girlfriend of 2+ years. Cheated on ALL of ex-girlfriends. Lied and cheated his entire way through his 40 years of life. Uses people/his son/women to get what he wants then dumps you when he's done with them. Has no long term friends. He rents or finances everything and owns absolutely nothing.”

It appears to be from Ryncarz. And according to the Post, another anonymous entry went something like this: “Our relationship didn't last long, as I figured him out pretty quickly, but for others, BE FOREWARNED, HE'S SCUM. RUN FAR AWAY.”

Allred to the rescue! “On Friday, February 17, 2012, a Federal Court ruled in favor of the women,” she says in a press blast this morning.

In celebration of this “victory for women's rights” (yes, she's really calling it that), the attorney will host a news conference at her L.A. office this morning. According to her presser, she'll comment on the fairer sex's “right to post on the internet that their ex-boyfriends are liars and cheaters if they have evidence to support that statement.”

From a law nerd's perspective, this does set an interesting new precedent for post-relationship litigation. Allred is even bringing the ever-popular First Amendment into it. TMZ reports:

Gloria claims her clients — and women at large — should have the right to exercise their free speech however they like … especially since there are laws in place that prevent them suing an unfaithful ex.

She's referring to what are called “Heart Balm” laws — laws that abolish the ability of one to sue over breach of a promise to marry. And while the laws are gender-neutral, Gloria argues they unfairly protect men … because men are more likely to cheat than women.

Gloria claims women should have the right to sue … because they are disproportionately affected by a cheating man than vice versa — insisting men typically occupy the power position in relationships … with better jobs, more money, etc.

And while we're giving everyone involved some free press, behold Stacey Blitsch, who's totally the tanner, six-packed Susan Anton of the 21st century.

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