A task force of local and federal law enforcement raided a South L.A. housing project Wednesday, arresting dozens of suspected gang-members named in a federal indictment, with charges that include racketeering, drug dealing and murder, officials said at a press conference today.

Law enforcement made 19 arrests with additional 10 defendants taken into custody for separate charges.

The investigation, dubbed “Operation Family Ties,” focused on the Pueblo Bishop Bloods gang and their alleged criminal activities at the Pueblo del Rio Housing project in South L.A. The suspected gang members had terrorized the housing project for years, authorities said. The alleged crimes occurred near schools, with one victim fatally shot in front of his son, said lead FBI Agent Steven Martinez.

The gang, which formed in the 1970s, got their name from the Pueblo del Rio Housing project.

U.S. Attorney for Los Angeles Andre Birotte Jr. said the gang's numbers and power had been significantly reduced and its ability to recruit young members diminished.

A total of 41 suspects were named in the indictment with several facing potential life sentences if convicted, according to a statement.

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