It’s OK to dig the ArcLight or Laemmle’s Sunset 5. Please, go ahead and take comfort in the Landmark Westside Pavilion. But sometimes you gotta hit one of the original, independently owned single-screen movie houses, a place that hearkens back to the days when little theaters dotted the landscape and the whole town came together so that young couples could make out in the back, kids could throw Dots and popcorn off the balcony, ushers could issue stern warnings and everyone else could actually watch the damn movie. Built in 1923, with clean, minimalist Art Deco Egyptian décor, Los Feliz’s spacious Vista Theatre is the very contemporary, very big-city version of that. Instead of gee-whiz kids and grown-ups right out of Ozzie and Harriet, you will find dudes in Weezer glasses and porkpie hats and girls with tattoos and sundresses. Plus, you’ve gotta love an indie theater in a hipster neighborhood with the unpretentious egalitarianism to play 300, Ghost Rider and the most recent Indiana Jones movie. 4473 Sunset Dr., Los Feliz. (323) 660-6639. —Adam Gropman

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