“Fat to Fit” – Fitness Influencer Dilan Abeya Encourages a Mindset Shift for the Health & Wellbeing

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The debate on whether “fat and fit” can co-exist has been going around for quite some time. Can you be fat and fit at the same time? Science says no.

The latest research proves that being overweight can have serious implications and carries considerable health risks. For this reason, Dilan Abeya has dedicated much of his time serving others to help them achieve their fitness goals through adopting good habits. He is a known fitness influencer and model from the UK who has emerged as a source of guidance for his thousands of followers. Many non-athletic and unhealthy individuals have transformed their lives through his expert advice and influence that he has gained through his own personal situations.

Sharing his views on the common misconception that gym goers are shallow and self-centered, Dilan aims to shift the mindsets around fitness to educate and empower others. As someone who once lacked confidence, was overweight and required significant inner work to overcome ‘lazy’ thoughts, he shares his transformational journey through social media.

Dilan believes that his journey from “fat to fit” started with redefining priorities and a mindset shift — to lead a life of self-care. And for that, he built solid fitness habits that served his mind, body and soul. Initially, he embarked on his fitness journey to lose weight, shed off years of accumulated fat and build muscle in the hope of looking good. However, soon after, training became a constructive outlet for his demons, trauma, and unhealed issues from previous relationships.

On his path to embracing his true self, letting go of the desire to fit in, to carve his own way, Dilan does not hesitate to share his life journey and experiences. On his social media @dilanabeya on Instagram, you will find him narrating personal stories of heartbreak in relationships and mental health challenges, and even see his inspiring gym stories. For Dilan, the gym is the ultimate place to cultivate self-care habits and challenge himself. He further adds, “ The gym is an escape, a place of solace that offers me the opportunity to “help me, help myself” out of pain, stress, anger, frustration, sadness or grief. A place where I can evolve from my “past” self into a “better version” of what I want myself to be.”

Dilan’s motivational content and free advice using himself as an example, to help others transform their lives by adopting healthy habits. In both the digital and fitness space, his services are altering mindsets and enabling people to realize the importance of self-help and self-care.

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You can keep up with Dilan’s inspiring fitness journey by following him on social media or visiting his Instagram feed and website.

Instagram: @dilanabeya

Website: www.dilanabeya.com

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