It's Hanukkah, which usually means jelly doughnuts and latkes, but if you were at Fat Sal’s Hollywood this past weekend, you got a whole lot more.

In honor of the eight-day Jewish holiday, a food collaboration between Fat Sal’s Hollywood, Instagram celebrity the Fat Jewish, Yeastie Boys Bagels and celebrity chef Eric Greenspan came together to create “The Fat Jewish.”

“Christmas gets a lot of play — we want Hannukah to get some attention!” quipped Fat Sal’s co-owner Josh Stone.

“Jewish deli food is so important to my world, from corned beef and pastrami to rye bread and bagels with lox, I grew up on this in New York! We wanted to pay homage to that,” Stone added. “And it’s so, so good!”

The impressive new collaboration consisted of an oversized bialy and roasted green apple cream cheese from bagel experts Yeastie Boys, chicken liver mousse and crispy chicken skin from Greenspan, Bubby’s potato latkes, i.p.a. pastrami and 17-hour smoked brisket from Fat Sal’s.

Fat Sal’s has fun experimenting with new ingredients for its oversized sandwiches.

“I love the fact that we put french fries in our sandwiches. So to put fried potato latkes just felt perfect. That’s our comfort zone. We were thinking about some whitefish, too, but we didn’t want to scare people off!” Stone explained.

The sandwich genius made sure chopped liver was included.

“I used to make chopped liver with my grandfather as a kid. I have many fond memories standing in his kitchen, frying up livers and adding schmaltz,” Stone said. “It was more like a smooth, chicken liver mousse, as it didn’t have that graininess to it. He was really inspiring to what I do today — he was my ambassador to flavor and taste. He took me to Manhattan restaurants, was a world-class eater and a really good cook.”

Greenspan, who runs modern kosher eatery Fleishik’s and the Roof on Wilshire, thought it was a no-brainer to get involved.

“The three of us are sandwich guys and are Jewish — the minute we ran into each other and started talking, we knew we had to team up. It was beshert, which means ‘meant to be’ in Yiddish,” Greenspan said.

“Collaborating with Fat Sal’s is fun because there is no edit process,” he added. “If it sounds good, it goes in. Nothing comes out. There are no boundaries that limit you when you are collaborating with them. They are never going to say, ‘Oh, that’s over the top!’ There’s no such thing with them. And that’s a lot of fun.”

“And Yeastie Boys is not just the best bagels in Los Angeles but (co-owner) Evan Fox at heart is a sandwich guy. His enthusiasm for all things sandwich, but especially of the Jewish ilk, is infectious,” Greenspan said.

If you are looking to get your kosher Hanukkah fix this week, Greenspan is selling a box of latke bites at Fleishik’s, along with mini jelly doughnuts.

Last night, Greenspan won $40,000 for KCRW on Food Network’s Guy Fieri competition series Grocery Games: Last Judge Standing. Next month he'll appear on Guy’s Ranch Kitchen.

Sadly, the Hanukkah sandwich was only available over the weekend just passed, but don’t worry, Fat Sal’s next food mashup is coming early next year … and it's rumored to be with Joe’s Pizza.

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