Sleek and elegant, but still tinged with that trademark vibe of rascally weirdness, the fall/winter line by Marvin & Quetzal helped finish Fashion Week Mexico with a dazzling bang. The young duo, among the most promising working in Mexico today, used a bright palette of colors yet managed to keep their looks lean and mature.

They presented new hats and gloves and also deliciously narcissistic earrings, one big plastic “M” and one big plastic “Q.” A parade of severe, metallic boots created a jarring effect when combined with the colors and fabrics on top, and depending on your tastes the combination is either daring or grating. I liked it. Generally, the designers in Mexico this season, from Cherry Project to Julia & Renata, did shoes very well.

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Below, a look from the closing collection, fall/winter by Julia & Renata. The designers presented a lot of evening, semi-formal wear in their customary “performance” sort of way. Some of the designs that included pencil-thin gowns proved difficult to walk in for the models, but to me, it all seemed pretty inspired nonetheless.

That's it for Fashion Week 2008. Next up, the summer collections. Oh wait. One more thing. Here's Marvin & Quetzal, taking their bow. Oh yeah….

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