1. A Word on Bathrooms: If you ever get a chance to pee in the Los Angeles Theater in historic downtown LA, I urge you to visit the Ladies' restroom. There, you will see this. It's way more impressive than I've managed to capture in the photo.

2. The Guests: Can you imagine these guys at Paris Fashion Week? If Vogue ever ran an issue of the magazine where this guy (in a kind of gimp outfit) was featured, I would buy a subscription. The lovely couple below attended the Skingraft show.

3. The Mural at the Top of the Stairs Near the Big Crystal Fountain: Wow. The woman in the left-hand corner of the painting wearing the black mask is amazing. That is some serious Rococo styling. The building had its opening night in 1931, just a couple years after the Great Depression in 1929. On a cost-per-seat basis, it was the most expensive theater ever built up to that point. Interesting choice of venue, considering the recession we're currently in.

4. The Unfair Goody Bags at GenArt: Only the “special” people got the big canvas goody bags. Those of us “have-nots” who didn't get a canvas bag, eyed the “haves” greedily with lustful hunger. The canvas bags retail for $65 online. Had we been wolves, a scuffle would have ensued. More than a few attendees went away with bitter resentment in their heart. “If you don't have enough to share with the entire classroom, don't bring any at all,” one said. BTW, Arianne Phillips is Madonna's stylist and an Academy Award-nominated costume designer, according to Wikipedia. Topher Grace, whose name you'll see in the row behind her, well, you know who he is. I don't think he ever showed up.

5. The Beautiful Ceilings: See “Bathrooms.” For more info on the venue, check out their website here. Fancy schmancy!

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