Kevan Hall is known for his red carpet gowns. Backstage, just before the show, as models were getting dressed and made up and having their boobs taped into place, I barely even noticed the gowns on the racks. It's amazing that clothes that look sort of lackluster on a hanger really come to life on a body. Asked which of his designs he thought would sell the best this season, Hall said probably the daywear he's now moving into producing. I think he's right. He sent out an abundance of classic little society dresses, with girls in smart, structured berets.

Gowns were fluid, a la Harlow, Garbo and Dietrich.

The crowd clapped when this woman in ivory crinkled chiffon tunic and silk pencil pants came out. And only partly because you could see her nipple through her shirt.

Who was there? The Mayor arrived to a barrage of strobe lights. Of course evening gowns take priority over stuff like, oh, running the city. But hey, these dresses are just about perfect. As are the unsmiling girls wearing faraway expressions.

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