Fashion Week is over now, but for my final Fashion Week post, I wanted to show you what was inside the goodie bags. Every designer, if you sit in the front two rows or so, gives out a goodie bag. Each night, I'd come home, deposit the bags on the floor and sort through the contents. This is a portion of what I accumulated after one week. My understanding is that LA's goodie bags are weak compared to virtually every other city's fashion week goodie bags. Or maybe IMG and Smashbox had senioritis, given that this is the last Fashion Week for them in LA for a while. In any case, people were carrying around $1,500 Chanel purses, but the bag to have was that purple Mercedes Benz/Smashbox Fashion Week el-cheapo $2 plastic made in China tote. People were rioting over that one.

My favorite goodie bag items were this Smart Glass necklace made from recycled bottles, a book entitled “Break Into Modeling For Under $20,” and a bag of Market Street toffee (not pictured, already eaten). Some of the weirder items included this “Strapless G-String.” You basically stick it on.

Members of the press were issued these neck badges. At first you hate it. Then accept it. Then like it. Then love it and need to be with it at all times. The back of it (shown here) has the schedule of shows. I wore it everyday and now feel a sick sense of attachment to it. I have an impulse to check the schedule every 20 minutes, even though I know nothing is coming up. That is called Fashion Week withdrawal.

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