Elmer Ave is what Gatsby would wear if he were into punk and black eyeliner. Pinstripe denim jeans over boots with spats (yes, Victorian spats!). Jackets–mens and womens–impeccably tailored to within an inch of their lives…then mucked up on the back with spraypaint and anarchy. Military coats worn over crisp white long sleeve shirts with the cuffs hanging out. The model saluted the photographers, while another model flipped them off.

This line is one of my Fashion Week favorites. Mainly for the way it plays with male tropes and archetypes, yet keeps the craftsmanship up to snuff (with just a bit of punk-gothyness). Your average aggressively heterosexual male isn't going to wear skin-tight bermuda shorts with suspenders, but the world would no doubt be a better place if he did.

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