People kept asking me “Who is Debra Davenport?” and I kept having to say, “I'm not sure.” A bit of googling reveals that she is the CEO of a luxury women's fashion house headquartered in Phoenix Arizona. HauteAZ tells us “She received her B.A. at the age of 19, her M.A. degree at the age of 21, and ultimately earned her doctorate in 2002,” so Ms. Davenport is apparently a brainiac. What do brainiac CEO's in Arizona wear? Fairly conservative stuff, as you'd expect.

“What is that material…suede?” asked reality TV star Chad Tulik, who was in Season 2 of Tila Tequila's MTV show, who broke a guy's jaw on camera and won a Best Fight award, and who sat next to me decked out in head-to-toe Ed Hardy gear watching the proper corporate executive lady fashions going by. “Looking at pretty girls always makes me want to buy pretty dresses for someone,” he added, scratching his mohawk. Chad, the material is not suede. It is silk noil.

“You're going to write 'the clothes were green and simple,' aren't you,” he said. No. The clothes were teal, cement grey, dusky seal brown, crisp white, and culottes with belts, and basketweave collared shirts…and simple. Nothing revelatory or earth shattering. Ready to wear epitomized.

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