George Fierro, who has been ID'd by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune as the El Monte police officer who kicked a suspected gang member after a high-speed chase last week, owns a clothing line specializing in gang-  and prison-themed attire.Torcido Clothing advertises itself as featuring “some of the hardest authentic jailhousethreads for the streets. Straight from East L.A., Califas . . .” The name Torcido is takenfrom Spanish street slang for “busted.” The company's T-shirt and denim jacket line includes shirts with Penal Code numbers and jail vernacular for gang-affiliation, under-the-influence citations and specific prison modules associated with gang shot-callers.

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Two years ago, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, a Los Angeles Police Department detective criticized Fierro and his clothing line. (Although Fierro has only been identified by the El Monte P.D. as one of two officers who struck Rodriguez, the Trib says El Monte City Hall sources claim Fierro is the cop seen kicking Rodriguez after he surrendered and lay on a lawn.)

“Has anyone seen or know about this gang clothing that a police

officer is selling to gangsters,” the Trib quotes an email sent by Detective David

Espinoza to the California Gang Investigators Association. “I understand the gangs really love this cop. I

understand the clothing has hiding places for contraband, guns and

dope. Things that can hurt our real cops on the street.”

Fierro sued Espinoza, the Trib says, but the 2007 lawsuit was

dismissed. No word yet if  Richard Rodriguez owns any Torcido T-shirts.

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