Fashion and Health: Celebrity Trainer Joshua Lipsey Weighs in On the Debate

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Unarguably, fashion is a critical aspect of our lives. Our clothes, jewelry, and shoes are means of self-expression. Add to this; Fashion is also a great confidence booster. It’s been noted that people achieve much more when they feel they are dressed for the occasion. But in recent months, there have been concerns about fashion and its impact on our health and the environment.

Some fashion trends can negatively affect your mental and physical health in terms of body posture, alignment, and core. According to celebrity trainer and the Founder of CORE, Joshua Lipsey, – this is mainly because some fashion items do not factor in posture and body alignment issues or weight. However, this is one topic many designers avoid; consumers are also not excluded, as many are reluctant to address how this impacts their lives because they believe this to be “the in thing.”

Studies conducted by the British Chiropractic Association (BRC) found that 28% of women are aware that their clothing can cause chronic neck and back pain. However, the same research found that 33% are unaware of these facts. Joshua Lipsey shares fashion items that bring harm to your body.

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  • High Heels

High heels are stylish and classy, bringing the ‘wow’ factor to an outfit. But they inadvertently pose certain health risks. High heels place your foot in an extended downward position, increasing the pressure on the forefoot and affecting your posture over time. It can also lead to Metatarsalgia, a type of inflammation that occurs in the ball of the foot and is caused by repeated pressure on the metatarsal bone. Incessant walking in high heels for long hours can also cause back pains.

  • Skinny Jeans

Joshua Lipsey explains that skinny jeans restrict movement, altering your gait. The human body is a kinetic chain, and when an area of the knee, ankle, or hip is affected, it can cause issues to the rest of your body, explains Joshua. This means that wearing skinny jeans for prolonged periods can negatively affect your health.

Skinny jeans and tight clothing can impede blood flow, as they have also been found to cause fungal infection in the groin area as they trap moisture from sweat, creating a conducive environment for fungus growth.

  • Oversized bags

While many believe oversized bags are trendy, they often lead to health problems like back pains or neck and shoulder pains. This is because you constantly put pressure on only one shoulder, thus altering the usual two-shoulder balance. In some cases, you may end up straining your shoulder, which can cause significant spine misalignment issues in the worst case.

Joshua Lipsey recommends finding a suitable bag for your body type. He admonishes trainers to favor handbags instead of ones draped over the shoulders. If you prefer the over-shoulder bags, find one where the weight is evenly distributed.

  • Fluffy hoods+chunky necklaces

These can cause major strains to the neck, especially if they are so fluffy and chunky that it becomes challenging to move your neck. On this note, Joshua recommends purchasing coats with less fur in the hood area and going for more dainty jewelry.

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